Deco Etic Panel – we insulate Ukraine

The history of the Detic company began in 1996. Realizing the relevance of energy efficient technologies, our specialists focused on the production of new generation thermal panels. The main goal was to create a high-quality product of an international level. And we have coped to fully achieve the set task. Moreover, we have managed to keep prices at the lowest level thanks to direct supplies of raw materials.

Deco Etic Panel – we produce thermal panels of the international level in Ukraine

The growing attention to the environment has increased the demand for energy efficient technologies. The advent of high-quality facade insulation was a matter of time. Launching the production of thermal panels, we tried to create a competitive product of the international level in Ukraine. And the company’s engineers did an excellent job, which is confirmed by the EU certificates received for our products.

Our advantages



The protective layer covering the product, made from acrylics, fibers and minerals, is durable and elastic.


Protection against the affect of water

The facade is completely protected from the harmful effects of water, moisture and ultraviolet rays. The system does not crack.



The panels for facing facades have protrusions and grooves on four sides, so the panels do not crack over time and do not form thermal bridges, and prevent heat losses.



The labor costs for the installation of our seamless system are several times less than for the installation of systems with seams.

Advantages of facade insulation Deco Etic Panel:

✅ no cracks when used in all weather conditions;

✅ the ability to choose a suitable texture, color and tile size;

✅ long-lasting color retention and no sun fading;

✅ ease and simplicity of installation.

Today Detic company is a reliable Ukrainian supplier of facade insulation at affordable prices. Our products are certified by the EU countries and meet all the requirements of international standards. That is, the quality is the same as in Germany, but several times cheaper.

A variety of options for insulation in colors and textures allows the client to choose the perfect solution depending on the needs. Thermal panels can be ordered to any city in Ukraine, from Kyiv, Dnipro and Kharkiv to Lviv and Odessa. Thoughtful logistics of supplies and high quality products have ensured Detic company the status of the market leader.

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